Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Are you thinking about voting for Donald Trump? Then let me ask you something.

What do you like about Donald?

Is it his misogyny?

Is it his defrauding thousands of Trump University students out of millions of dollars?

Is it his multiple bankruptcies, where he emerged unscathed but his investors and creditors were ruined?

Is it his lack of basic knowledge about any of the important issues facing our country or the world?

Is it his racism?

Is it the thousands of lawsuits he's involved in?

Is it his "say anything to win" attitude?

Is it the Trump Institute where thousands more were defrauded out of their money?

Is it his denial of climate change?

Is it that he's a bully?

Just what is it that you like about this man? Which of these qualities is "Presidential" to you? Which of these qualities suggests that he cares about Americans and making things better? Which of these qualities will lead him to deal well with our allies and enemies? Which of these qualities makes you think he'll be a good, successful President?

I really want to know.

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