Wednesday, July 13, 2016

White supremacists love Trump

The expectation that some whites have for Donald Trump isn’t hard to identify. From overt statements about Mexican judges, building a massive wall, and blocking immigration, to the traditional keywords of Republican candidates—law and order, inner cities, urban problems—when making not-so-oblique references to repressing blacks, Trump has given whites every indication that they are his only constituency. 

The whole theme of the Trump campaign is easily to interpret as a call to restore a sort of American Apartheid—Jim Crow 2.0—in which blacks, immigrants, and Jews just better watch it. It’s no wonder that white supremacists are optimistic about a Trump presidency. And it’s also no wonder that Trump’s name has become a mantra for those giving a not so subtle “just you wait.”

All across America, when racists get into confrontations with minorities, the racists now chant Trump's name. As a taunt and as a threat. 

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