Sunday, September 25, 2016

Gary Johnson, Libertarian

It's been said that a lot of Democratic, progressive, or at least anti-Trump voters are so disillusioned with Hillary Clinton that they're going to cast a protest vote for Libertarian candidate, and former Republican governor, Gary Johnson. Of course, progressives who voted for Ralph Nader in the 2000 election gave the Presidency to George W. Bush over Al Gore, and that worked out really well, right?

 Nevertheless, before you cast a protest vote for Johnson, please see this list of policy positions Johnson endorses.

  • Johnson wants American corporations to pay a 0% tax rate.
  • Johnson thinks we shouldn't do anything about climate change and, in fact, supports building more coal power plants.
  • Johnson wants to replace the income tax with a national sales tax, which would effectively raise taxes on the poor while resulting in huge tax reductions for the rich.
  • Johnson would abolish, or at least privatize, Social Security.
  • Johnson wants to eliminate the Department of Education and all financial support for American college students.
  • Johnson opposes ALL forms of gun regulation.
  • Johnson wants to completely eliminate the minimum wage and opposes equal wage laws.

 12 Ways Gary Johnson is a Hardcore Right-Wing Radical and The Myth of Gary Johnson.

So, please, rather than cast a protest vote for someone with horrific, selfish, unrealistic policies, take a closer look at what Hillary Clinton is proposing. There are a TON of detailed policy proposals on her website and in her stump speeches. While Trump can't name a specific policy to save his life, Hillary has been very specific about what she wants to do. Hillary's policies are neither radical, nor impossible, but represent good, progressive ideas that will help America and Americans.

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