Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reasons to vote for Hillary

I've made a lot of posts about why I think Donald Trump is not only unprepared to be President of the United States, but absolutely unfit for the office and just a terrible, vindictive, cruel, ignorant, selfish, and assholish person. I've also posted why I think Gary Johnson is a bad choice for progressives who want to "send a message" and not vote for Hillary Clinton.

But if you're looking for some positive reasons to vote FOR Hillary, here you go.  (This is obviously a partial list).  See the links below to two articles.
Just what has Hillary done?

I am incredibly enthusiastic about voting for Hillary Clinton. Here's why.

If you're a fan of Bernie Sanders, then Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice. Don't throw your vote away on a pointless protest vote for a terrible, right-wing candidate or the anti-science left wing nut.  Hillary is a progressive with a long record of helping Americans, especially children. She is smart, caring and will lead America with a conscience.

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