Friday, October 28, 2016

Seriously, Oregon, WTF??

Remember those militia assholes with a whole bunch of guns who took over a federal bird sanctuary in Oregon for 41 days earlier this year? They threatened people, dug defensive trenches all over the place, kept people from doing their jobs, damaged artifacts, and cost the local economy and the state millions of dollars. Oh, and as some of them tried to escape, they got one of their own guys killed by federal agents when he tried to pull a gun.

Yeah, a jury found them innocent on all counts today.


Seriously, this is one of the most bizarre outcomes I could have imagined. They clearly did ALL of the things they were accused of. They clearly threatened people and cost millions of dollars in damage.

And they get to walk away.

Guess it's good for them they weren't black, huh? Because it's pretty clear what would have happened then.

Oh, and in contrast, just today, militarized police moved in and violently ousted a bunch of people peacefully protesting the building of a pipeline through native American land. A pipeline that threatens local water supplies.

Lesson learned. If you want to protest in a modern, twenty-first century civilization, be violent. Because violent protest clearly gets you off scott-free. At least in Oregon.

Oh, unless you're black, Then any protest, or even driving your own car, or walking in your own neighborhood, can get you killed by police.

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