Sunday, November 27, 2016

Another Reminder and a Taste of More to Come

# of Votes - 2016 Presidential Election

   Hillary Clinton                 64,156,255
   Donald Trump                62,238,425

That's Clinton up by almost 2 million votes. And the votes are still being counted.

You may remember that before the election, our Manbaby-Elect was going on about how the election was rigged and he wouldn't concede or acknowledge the results. But then ::gag:: he won.

And true to form, in the face of a recount in several states initiated by Jill Stein (and NOT by the Clinton campaign), suddenly he's against a recount.

In a Tweetstorm this week, he quoted Hillary during one of the debates and ended thusly.

Warning: Language ahead.

So first he is "sad" that people are doing one of the things he repeatedly threatened to do. And then, with absolutely no evidence, the President-elect of the United States called into question the integrity of the entire election, an ELECTION HE WON. That is some dipshit thinking right there. And apparently, in his mind all those mysterious illegal voters voted for Hillary. Because she could never actually get more votes than him. Despite the fact that she did. By that logic, the Indians won the World Series, if you take away all the Cubs runs in the last game.

FUCK YOU, Trump. Seriously, you are a horrible, horrible shitstain.

And finally, he calls into question states which went to Hillary. So he's not only a liar, and a whiner, but he's also a sore winner.

Seriously, this guy is NOT Presidential, WILL NEVER BE Presidential, and CANNOT be Presidential. It's just not in his rotten DNA. He's a petulant, spoiled, selfish baby.

And if you voted for him or Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, YOU OWN THIS.

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