Wednesday, November 30, 2016

There's the mainstream media, just doing a bangup job

Oh, screw you, CNN.

Don't normalize this asshat. And don't give him victories when he didn't actually do anything.

Carrier had announced that it would move 2000 jobs to Mexico. Thanks to this "deal" they'll now only move 1300 jobs to Mexico. And Indiana is likely offering tens of millions of dollars of "incentives" for Carrier to stay, meaning that Indiana taxpayers will now pay millions to keep those 850 jobs in the state.
This is a common phenomenon among state tax incentive programs trying to lure or create jobs. A host of research has found that these programs do little to increase jobs and simply expend taxpayer money that could be used elsewhere. One found “the best case is that incentives work about 10% of the time, and are simply a waste of money the other 90%.” ...
Trump and Pence will announce the full details at a press conference on Thursday, where much more will become clear. But if this amounts to a package of financial incentives simply for keeping some jobs in the country, it offers a perverse incentive to other companies to threaten to move jobs elsewhere in the hopes of striking their own lucrative deals with the government.  Link
CNN with its ridiculous headline is supporting the fantasy that Trump is effective and looking out for jobs and working people. He's not and he's not legally in a position to actually do anything about this. This was all Pence, would probably have happened regardless of Trump (Pence IS the governor of Indiana) and probably not a good result in any event.

Screw you, CNN.

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