Friday, January 20, 2017

Thoughts on the inaugural speech 2017

Terrible. Divisive. Insulting. Nationalistic. Simplistic. Borderline racist. Lacking any connection to reality. There was so much stupid that it was hard to keep up.

Did you know our country is a hellhole with a terrible military and no borders? Apparently the new President thinks so. And Mr. anti-Vax, I don't use a computer, is going to bring in a new techological revolution. Uh huh.

I also loved his line about how America needs to regain its wealth lost to other countries.

See these 8 guys? 6 of them are American. These 8 guys have as much money as half the world (3.6 billion people). How about we reclaim our wealth from these guys instead?

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Vol-E said...

Someone obviously wrote that for him. It cleverly walked a line that turned the speech into a Rorschach of word pictures. Depending on your worldview, it could mean a whole range of things.

The thing is, you can't argue with many of the facts in the speech. Sure, factories do stand abandoned, city infrastructures are in big trouble, education sucks in a lot of places, and yeah, sure, there's crime.


Whereas you or I might say sure, the factories stand empty because the business owners got a cheaper deal overseas where they don't have to contend with unions, which they see as a scourge but the actual workers would benefit from, Trump and his followers prefer to trace the cause to "government regulations." The same is true for infrastructure, education, crime and everything else. It's Reagan all over again: "Government is the problem, not the solution." The poor stressed-out, undereducated people who voted for him are grasping at straws. They're too tired to do any research that would show how Trump is just borrowing rhetoric from 36 years ago. Too many of these people weren't even alive 36 years ago. They see only what's in front of them. It makes Trump look good. And the ones who aren't poor, stressed-out and uneducated are nothing more than power-grasping opportunists.