Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yes, I know people were stupid. Can we please stop interviewing them before my head explodes?

NBC News aired a segment tonight about a bunch of Democrats in rust belt states who voted for Trump. Left behind economically by the loss of manufacturing jobs, these people are desperate for help.

They're also desperate for brains.

When interviewed by NBC, they said that they were focused on the economy and want better wages and more jobs in their state. They heard Trump mention jobs and, for some reason, decided that he would deliver. Despite his obvious lack of expertise of, well, anything.

These people are so utterly clueless it just spins my head.

Only one candidate had detailed plans to bring jobs to rust belt states. Only one candidate wanted to raise the minimum wage, make college affordable, and actually had plans to help the middle class.

The other candidate was an immature, sexist, racist asshole who spoke in vague superficialities and contradicted himself every hour. And these dummies voted for him because they were unable to tell that he was a lying halfwit who clearly had no understanding of the issues.

And now he's going to be President.

If these people had done five minutes of research, they would have learned which candidate wanted desperately to help them and which candidate was playing them for suckers.

I hope they'll finally figure it out.

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