Friday, February 24, 2017

True Colors

One of the very first things the Trump Administration did when they came into power was to go after Muslims. Due to the courts and a massive public outcry, they've failed so far in enacting their ban.

This week, Trump and his goons went after another vulnerable group, transgender students, by repealing Obama Administration guidelines that allow transgender students to use the bathroom based on their gender identity. The White House is trying to frame it as a state issue, but civil rights are universal and shouldn't be subject to the state in which you live.

Transgender students have a high rate of suicide and are frequently the target of bullying and physical assault. They deserve to attend school in peace and acceptance, under the equal protection of the law. This policy, likely pushed by Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is hateful and wrong. Trump, despite promising to protect LGBT people during the campaign, broke that promise. This is not a surprise.

With all the problems we have in America today, one of the first things the Trump Administration did, reflecting their top priorities, was to strip the protection of the government from oppressed, innocent, vulnerable Americans.

Remember that.

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