Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Twitter Tantrum's Egregious Effects

A few days ago, the department store chain Nordstrom announced that they would no longer carry Ivanka Trump's line of clothing and jewelry. They said that sales didn't justify carrying the brand.

Today, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES tweeted this:

Let's go through the many reasons this Tweet was ridiculously wrong.
1.  The POTUS attacking an (AMERICAN) company could harm that company, causing its stock to drop, hurting investors and suppliers, roiling markets, and costing AMERICAN jobs.
2.  Ivanka has not been "treated unfairly". Nordstrom made a business decision to drop the line and explained their reasoning. Isn't Trump supposed to understand business decisions?
3.  If Ivanka is indeed a great person pushing Trump to do the right thing, maybe she should push him to STOP TWEETING.
4.  Trump's Twitter tantrums have already caused other companies to give him credit for things he didn't do in order to stay on his good side. For example, he didn't save hundreds of millions of dollars in costs on the F-35, those price discounts had been in the works for months before he took office. But he took credit and Lockheed Martin let him so he wouldn't tank their stock. Also, some companies have already started pretending to go along with Trump to get a favorable Tweet.
5.  After he Tweeted this on his personal account, something he shouldn't be doing as President, he RETWEETED it on the official Presidential account. 
And finally,
6.  He's using the Office of the President here in an attempt to help his family financially; an ongoing, highly problematic conflict of interest. What, Ivanka isn't rich enough already?
All those problems in a short, simple Tweet. You have to give him credit for efficiency, at least.

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