Sunday, February 05, 2017

Week Two of President Moron

I apologize if the titles of these weekly posts offend you.

The Office of the President is more than two centuries old and an important, venerable institution that deserves respect. Unfortunately, the current occupant of that office is a narcissistic, immature, vile, ignorant, mean-spirited, racist, sexist, intellectually incurious, douchenozzle who sullies the office he occupies. The only real fault in calling him President Moron is that it's an insult to morons.

So I apologize to all morons for associating you with Donald Trump.

                                                                                                                                                              Image by Mark Sumner.

The funny thing is, here we are after two weeks of the Trump Regime and he has done NOTHING that I can honestly praise. He has handled no situation with grace and dignity, proposed or enacted no policy that I could get behind. He has done literally everything wrong and really screwed up a lot of people's lives in the process.

So, let's take some solace in mocking him, which surely must be driving him (even more) insane.

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