Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So long, Asshole!

Bill O'Reilly, along with Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the horrible people behind right-wing media, is responsible for decades of propaganda that convinced not so smart people that Republican politicians are better at defense, better for the economy, better at protecting freedom, that democrats are unpatriotic and un-American, that immigrants and minorities are responsible for everything that's wrong in their lives, and that climate change is not real. All of those things are empirically wrong. O'Reilly is a sexist, racist, nasty piece of work, and he's one of the primary reasons America is so screwed up and divided right now.

And today he's out of his cushy job at FOX News.

Please note that he's out not because he's a serial harasser of women, which he is. He's out because he was costing FOX too much money and attracting too much bad publicity. Plus, everyone at FOX apparently hates him as much as I do.

Fare thee well, O'Reilly. Here's hoping that you land on your feet after this setback -- right in the path of a bus.

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Tony said...

I was trying to think of something nice to say about him and this is the best I could do:

He's smarter than Mike Huckabee.