Monday, June 12, 2017

Praise from Useless Idiots

This is absolutely pathetic. And nauseating.

At Trump's first meeting with his full Cabinet today, instead of getting down to business, he had each of them go around the table and PRAISE HIM on live television.  (As you read below, imagine if President Obama had done the same thing and what the Republican reaction would have been.)

Here are a few of the comments made by these leaders of men, these towers of intellect and integrity, these thoughtful public servants, knowledgeable and aware of the state of the country and the world.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer (referring to his delayed Senate confirmation)
"First of all, I apologize for being late to work. I got bogged down in that swamp that you've been trying to drain."
Energy Secretary Rick Perry
"America is not stepping back, but we're stepping into place and sending some messages, that we're still going to be leaders in the world when it comes to the climate, but we're not going to be held hostage to some executive order that was ill thought out. And so, my hat's off to you for taking that stance and presenting a clear message around the world that America's going to continue to lead in the area of energy."
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley
"It's a new day at the United Nations. You know, we now have a very strong voice. People know what the United States is for, they know what we're against, and they see us leading across the board. And so, I think the international community knows we're back."
Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney
"Thanks for the kind words about the budget. You're absolutely right: We are going to be able to take care of the people who really need it. And at the same time, with your direction, we were able to also focus on the forgotten man and woman who are the folks who are paying those taxes."
Vice President Mike Pence
"It is just the greatest privilege of my life is to serve as the -- as vice president to the President who's keeping his word to the American people and assembling a team that's bringing real change, real prosperity, real strength back to our nation."
Let's see. Over 140 days in office. No legislative accomplishments. The courts striking down his ill-conceived illegal executive orders. Multiple members of his team, including his Attorney General and his son-in-law, under investigation for ties to Russia. Our alliances teetering on collapse because of Trump's boorish behavior and his inability to not spill intelligence secrets. His White House in collapse with many people already fired or quit. His former FBI Director testifying that the President obstructed justice. The only thing he actually got done was naming a new Supreme Court Justice but Senate Republicans were set to confirm even a dog Trump named so long as that dog was anti-abortion. (And even then the Republicans had to CHANGE THE RULES OF THE SENATE to get it done.)

So either these awesome folk are COMPLETELY UNAWARE OF THE SHITSHOW that has been the Trump Administration so far, or they are just sycophantic enablers of our delusional, narcissistic Commander in Thief, hoping that by praising him publicly he won't throw them under the bus when given the chance.

That chance is coming soon and this sickening display of North Korean style brown-nosing will not save them. Or us.

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