Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Brighton Rock

Queen's Sheer Heart Attack was one of the first albums I ever owned and Queen was the first band I ever called "my favorite". As a teen, I listened to that album A LOT. One of the songs on the album, Brighton Rock, is apparently in the new movie, Baby Driver, and so has garnered recent attention.

The other day, someone posted the lyric video below and I watched it. Even though I had heard the song countless times, I realized I didn't exactly know all the words (hey, it's sung in sing-songy British English). To my surprise, I was struck by how literate and charming the lyrics are.

Check out the song below.  If you'd like to skip back to the lyrics once the instrumental part starts at 1:54, skip ahead to 4:38.  But really you should just listen to the whole thing.

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ahtitan said...

The first record I ever bought for myself was "A Night at the Opera" because you told me it was the best album ever made. And it was...until I heard Moving Pictures!