Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When will we be smart enough to rid ourselves of this evil in our time?

Well, because of the stupid rules in the Senate, the party of "NO" has won this round.

With the defeat of the Democractic candidate Martha Coakley in Massachusetts to idiot Republican Scott Brown, the supermajority is no more. Massachusetts just gave a big FU to the 30 million Americans who were going to be insured by Healthcare Reform. The bluest of blue states shot themselves (and the rest of us) in the foot out of pique. Ironic, of course, that the seat Teddy Kennedy held for 47 years will be the instrument of defeat of his pet cause.

Of course, this follows the screwing of Americans by the Blue Dog Democrats and Joe Lieberman who watered down bills that would not only have provided life-saving health care to millions of Americans but would also have SAVED MONEY for the government.

All this Republican talk of smaller government and tighter budgets is complete BS because healthcare reform would have LOWERED THE DEFICIT. Instead, health insurance and the pharma companies have won. Just like the banks and wall street brokers won.

When will it the people's turn?


Joseph said...

So is he an idiot simply by virtue of being a Republican, or is there actually any basis for your name-calling?

After all, it was his opponent who was all over the "Satanists are abusing kids at our daycare centers based on implanted memories" thing. That seems pretty moronic to me.

Ipecac said...

Was Coakley involved in that? If so, I agree, pretty moronic.

As far as Brown goes,the fact that he was one of only three MA lawmakers who voted against financial aid for MA rescue workers who helped on 9/11, while supporting funding of a golf course at the same time qualifies him as an idiot. And if he were a Democrat it would also qualify him as unAmerican in Republican eyes, no?