Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reuse, Recycle

Wow. This is really shocking to me.

Classic Disney reused animation, just drawing over older footage.


David Fair said...

Really? This shocked you?

Maybe it's because I'm not all that into movies, or that i am more cynical, but this was wholly expected and completely jibed with my experience with animation in general: It's usually not nearly as well done or inventive as people claim it is.

Ipecac said...

Absolutely I'm shocked. Yes, you would expect such recycling from cheaper studios like Hannah-Barbera or Warner Bros. and especially TV animation, but Disney was the gold standard of theatrical hand-drawn animation.

Although, as I was thinking about it last night I realized that all of the recycling appears to be in films from the late sixties/seventies, when Disney animation was in decline. They cheapened the product and the studio suffered until the Little Mermaid ushered in the second great age of classic Disney animated films.

Nowadays, with computers tackling much of the heavy lifting, they can easily avoid such obvious reuse of footage.

ahtitan said...

Technically, they didn't paint over old Disney footage. They just used the same source footage when they Rotoscoped each scene. The Rotoscope projected frames from live action films onto a screen, which the artist could then trace or paint over.