Thursday, March 18, 2010

I thought the Presidency would let me at least get a word in edgewise


I think the Countdown guy makes a good point.  There is something to be said for speaking truth to power, but can you imagine this FOX guy interrupting Bush or Cheney like this?


Anonymous said...

Yes your so right Bush had a cake walk with the press compared to Obama. NOT. The president looked foolish, he had to stall because he couldn't answer many of the questions. It's refreshing to see someone holding our leaders feet to the fire. Seriously he should not only have the answers but should be willing to walk us through them and allow the people of the country to get behind this but he won't do that, he will force it down our throats.

Ipecac said...

He "couldn't" answer many questions? Right. Because he's "dumb". Uh-huh.

It is good when the press asks relevant, intelligent probing questions of our leaders. But Baier didn't do that. He just interrupted him and didn't wait for an answer. It is possible to hold someone accountable and still let them answer your questions.

And FOX News never did that to Bush. Bush did get some heat from the media but only AFTER he got us involved in two wars and trashed both the economy and America's reputation abroad.

As to your final point, haven't you been paying any attention over the past year? The President has gone over and over this stuff. Plus it's all available on the Internet. If you don't understand it by now, it's your own fault.

Anonymous said...

He has gone over it and over it but can't get his own party to vote for it. I don't think he is dumb, he can't or won't answer the questions because he knows that it will display what this is truely about, government control. Say what you want but his actions have displayed he wants government control from the financial district, car companies and now health care. To say that he is not looking for control is silly. Look at his actions

Ipecac said...

That's certainly a Republican talking point but it's not supported by reality.

In what way does providing insurance to tens of millions of uninsured Americans count as "control"? In what way does preventing insurance company abuse count as "control"?

In what way does saving millions of American jobs by saving the automakers count as "control"? In what way is the Administration today "controlling" the auto industry?

Honestly, the "control" meme is just a scare tactic that's divorced from all reality.

And if you don't think the financial district needs to be reformed, then you've learned nothing from the depression we just narrowly avoided. Deregulation and a wild west business environment were the DIRECT cause of the recession. We'd be insane not to enact financial reform. Not a takeover, just reasonable controls to protect American consumers.

The last administration left this nation in a disastrous position. We have problems that can't be solved by cutting taxes and business as usual. Congressional Republicans have shown time and time again that they're not interested in coming up with solutions. They just want the President to fail so they can take back power, all they really care about.