Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Scooby and the Gang are long gone

Carol pointed me to this fascinating site which details some of America's decaying, abandoned amusement parks.  I've actually been to Glen Echo Park (which isn't really abandoned) and we used to drive by Prehistoric Forest on our way to and from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Really fascinating, melancholy stuff.

The comments mention an infamous abandoned park that's not listed, Action Park.  This pic shows just how insane Action Park really was.  (Image from Wikipedia).

Who the heck would build something so insane?!?  Let alone, ride it.

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Eric Haas said...

There was an amusement park called The Enchanted Forest in Anne Arundel county. I think all of the rides are gone, but some of the decorations still remain. A few of them were incorporated into a shopping center (the Enchanted Forest Shopping Center) built on part of the land that used to belong to the amusement park.