Friday, November 05, 2010

Hanging from the Trees!

On Carol's birthday, the family plus one boyfriend (Rachel's) went to the Sandy Spring Adventure Park.  (click to embiggen the pictures)

The park is located in a woods and comprised of a series of platforms, bridges and cables between the trees at various heights.  Think mini Ewok village.  The park is laid out in clever courses of different difficulty and you move along the cables, up and down ladders, zip lines and the platforms connected to a steel cable.

The safety system is immensely clever; at all times you are connected to an anchored steel cable by at least one cable hooked to your harness, and at most times two cables.  You cannot remove both cables at once until you're safely on the ground.  I was not once concerned about falling and at one point when Ben was stuck about forty feet off the ground, there was more concern about getting him through a tough spot than worry that he would fall.

Once you pay, you get three hours to do as many courses as you can.  Carol and I did one yellow and three green courses.  Having been there before, Ben tried a blue course (more difficult) and got stuck a couple of times.  He persevered and we were very proud of him.  The third time he got stuck, though, they had to rescue him.

The zip lines were great fun.


It's a good workout and requires some problem solving skills.  We had a great time.

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