Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Lunch Haunts - National Building Museum

On Sunday, Carol, Ben and I took the Metro downtown to visit the National Building Museum. Every couple of years they have some architects construct a miniature golf course inside the building. Carol and I read about it and we wanted to play. The course closed after Monday, so we were getting in just under the wire. Not surprisingly, many other people had the same idea.

The Building Museum hosts exhibits related to buildings (duh), architecture, urban planning, landscaping, etc. The building itself is pretty amazing and it's a nice, cool environment. (Note that the nearby BBQ restaurant, Hill Country, has set up an outside BBQ joint on the side lawn). For $5 each we had a choice of the easy or more challenging 9 hole golf course so we went for the challenge. After waiting about forty-five minutes, we had our turn.

The holes were rather odd, being based on urban elements of Washington DC, so it was an unusual and difficult course; they were really constructed more for artistic purposes than to be a good miniature golf experience. Via moving panels, the terrain on the first hole changed depending on where you stood to tee off while one hole incorporated a transparent plexiglass ramp leading up to a vortex and a tube to the lower green. The hole below was wood, sculpted as a relief of the Chespeake Bay water table. (Note that after hitting my first shot off the side, I started back at the tee and made it in the hole in one shot, the only person I saw do it.)

We enjoyed the experience a lot. Ben won the game, 42 to 43 to 43.

Afterwards we went to Ben's favorite Chinese restaurant, Chinatown Express, located in nearby Chinatown (again, duh) for their excellent fresh, handmade noodles. 

::Edited to correct the golf scores.


Eric Haas said...

How did Ben win a golf game with a high score?

Ipecac said...

Uh . . . good point.