Wednesday, September 04, 2013

So Long, Futurama (again)

In about an hour, the last new Futurama will air on Comedy Central. This is actually the third "last" episode over the series on-again, off-again fourteen year life. The first was when it was cancelled on Fox. The second was the last of four Futurama movies commissioned and aired on the Cartoon Network. It's possible some other channel will pick the show up for further adventures of the Planet Express crew, but there's nothing currently in the works. (And in tragically sad news, Family Guy still airs every week.)

During Futurama's run on the Fox network, it was in its prime. There were many, many great episodes, endlessly rewatchable, and only a few mediocre ones. The last couple of seasons on Comedy Central have had more than their share of meh and even some outright bad episodes, but there have been enough good ones to make it worthwhile. The last half dozen or so, save one, have been really good, sending the series out on a high note.

So, so long Fry, Leela, Bender, Professor, Hermes, Amy, Dr. Zoidberg and a supporting cast of thousands. You will definitely be missed. Here's hoping to see you in yet another parallel universe.

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