Saturday, December 07, 2013

More Facebook Stupidity

I really need to stop creeping on Carol's Facebook page.

Someone who used to be a close friend, and whom I used to consider reasonably open-minded, posted a couple of moronic, anti-Obama articles. And the language he used in his posts to introduce the articles is pretty hateful. It's especially unbecoming because until recently he was a United States Army Chaplain and he's badmouthing his Commander in Chief.

Anyway, here's my response to the two articles.

Charges that the Obama administration is "lawless" and "throwing out the Constitution" are baseless. In fact, they're not only baseless, but they're mind-crushingly stupid, callow, disingenuous and ignorant. In no sense is anything the Administration is doing outside of the Constitution or illegal. There are some areas (NSA surveillance, drone-strikes) where you might reasonably argue that current policies are going too far, but suggesting that the President isn't following the Constitution is idiotic. And the fact that you didn't raise these concerns when W was President and doing the same thing is pretty damn telling.

Secondly, "Unclegate"is not a scandal. No one cares whether or not the President knew or didn't know his fraternal Uncle when he was young. Whether he honestly didn't remember briefly living with the Uncle or if he lied about it (for what reason?), WHO CARES. It's another nothingburger in the same vein as the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and fast and furious.

If you believe that either of these things are important, you are an idiot.


Paul Seegers said...

I wonder who you are talking about??

Ipecac said...

I really don't understand how someone can reconcile this kind of right-wing mentality and Christianity. Especially someone who's a minister.