Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ipecac Eats Burgers #7 - Woodside Deli

Woodside Deli is a small chain of Delis with locations in Silver Spring, Rockville and Germantown, MD. We go to the Germantown location on occasion and the last time we did, I ordered their Hamburger Royale. (In France, this burger is called a Quarter Pounder. Go figure.)

The Royale is a nice-sized burger, and not too big. As befits a deli, the pickle that comes along is really good. Unfortunately, whole pickles really don't work for me as I don't like having to slice them up to get them on the burger. In this case, however, I did.

The only real problem with the burger was the somewhat elastic consistency of the patty. I suspect it had been frozen, which isn't a huge problem for me, but the process does affect the texture of the burger. This was a decent but not great burger.

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