Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If these people are agin' it, I'm fer it

I don't know a lot about Common Core, the state educational standards enacted a few years ago to "inject some consistency into academic standards." I know that they rely on standardized testing, and that might be a good or a bad thing. Like I said, I'm not particularly knowledgeable about it.

But I do know that Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and guest fake historian, David Barton, held a nationwide, live Fathom Events simulcast in theaters around the nation on Tuesday night to rally against Common Core. These are people who want to take taxpayer money, fund it into charter schools, kill the public schools, and teach creationism and fundamentalist Christianity.

That right there tells me that I should support Common Core. Because if those asshats are against it, I can't imagine I wouldn't be for it.

Oh, and "The event was sponsored by FreedomWorks, the tea party umbrella organization, and Liberty University, the Christian university founded by Jerry Falwell."

Yeah, I nailed it.


Eric Haas said...

There is some meme floating around that is supposed to show how ridiculously complicated Common Core makes basic math, but not only is it not part of Common Core (which is a set of standards, not a curriculum), but if you take the time to understand it, the “ridiculously complicated” math is actually a pretty good explanation of how people do math in their heads.

Btw, your Captcha is not going to be very effective if it keeps using the same, identical phrase every time.

Ipecac said...

I wasn't aware I had the captcha on!