Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fun with Signs - The Plot Thickens

Someone from another shop on my floor came by today to ask about the hallway signs. He went through the history of the changes (indicating that they had figured out that Room 237 referred to The Shining by Googling it) and then suggested that, since the sign was closest to my office, I might be behind it or know who was. I denied it and I think he believed me.

But then he surprised me. He said that two more "signs" had been posted on the floor referencing the thermal exhaust port.


It looks like I have a copy cat, or more accurately, someone glomming on to my prank. Down the hall from me, someone taped up two  *laminated* signs on other people's walls.

They're very low quality, but clearly a reference to my hall sign and I DIDN'T DO THESE. Kind of cool, but very odd.

We'll see what happens when I change my sign tomorrow night to a non-Star Wars reference.


Eric Haas said...

Well, now you have a scapegoat if you need one.

SJHoneywell said...

How about Room 101? Or would an Orwell reference get you into trouble?

Ipecac said...

I went back and forth over that one but went with Room 237 instead, because it was more distinct (getting into trouble is not an issue). If I do it now, Room 101 would just seem derivative. :-)

Since everyone now knows it's a gag, I'm going in all sorts of whacky directions over the coming weeks.

Ipecac said...

It just occurred to me that I could have done Room 222. Now that's an obscure reference today.

ahtitan said...

Ah, yes, the Karen Valentine suite.