Monday, September 15, 2014

Funny story

So you know how on Labor Day the Republican National Committee tweeted out a graphic that said, "All Republicans Support Equal Pay" and that "the White House & Democrats believe that paying women less than men is an acceptable practice"?

Well, today they had a chance to prove it.
Senate Republicans on Monday blocked for the fourth time a bill that would strengthen federal equal pay laws for women.
The Paycheck Fairness Act would ban employers from retaliating against employees who share salary information with each other, impose harsher penalties for pay discrimination and require employers to be able to show that wage gaps between men and women are based on factors other than gender.
The bill needed 60 votes to overcome a Republican filibuster and advance to a final vote on passage, but it fell short Monday by a vote of 52 to 40. Senate Democrats have brought the bill to the floor four times since 2011, and each time Republicans have rejected it.  Link
Maybe when you tweet out something that's not just a lie but the actual opposite of reality, you should wait at least a few weeks before contradicting it.

Just sayin'.

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