Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fun with Signs - Intrigue

After the fun that was "Penguins!", last week I went with something directional. People liked it and the other day I heard someone marveling at how perfect an imitation it was. (Yes, it bothers me that the paper is darker).

This morning, when I arrived at work, I found that my copycat prankster had struck again.

This is, of course, reasonably odd, since it has nothing to do with the signs I'm posting, unlike the earlier Thermal Exhaust Port references. Plus, whoever it was put different Indiana Jones pictures on several different walls throughout the floor (see below). All were low resolution and many were of Lego Indiana Jones. It's like they're trying to compensate for being a copycat by emphasizing quantity over quality.

In a pathetic attempt to distance myself from this lame effort, I mentioned to a couple of people that I think the person doing the sign changes is different from the person putting up the movie pictures. Subtle!

It's time for me to change things up again.  I'll try to get something new up tomorrow.

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