Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ipecac Eats Burgers #12 - Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint

This burger represents the biggest disparity between how the burger looks and how it tastes, for the burgers at Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint are incredible.

A couple of weeks ago we returned Rachel to James Madison University. Jack Brown's is a local bar/burger place that's very good and very popular. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get seating so we got burgers to go. That resulted in the smushed burger you see below.

The reason the burger is good is that the beef is All Natural Wagyu beef. That's kind of the American version of Kobe beef (Kobe is also Wagyu). The basic hamburger is served without veggies, just condiments and their special Jack's sauce.

This was an excellent hamburger. Jack Brown's also has a variety of specialty burgers which is what everyone else in the family gets. They also serve excellent fried Oreos.


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