Thursday, September 04, 2014

Calm the hell down

The following are not currently, or in the near future, threats to the United States of America.

1) Ebola


You are not going to get Ebola. Infection requires direct exposure to bodily fluids and the virus is not present in this country. Ebola is a significant problem and causing great misery, but that’s in Africa, not here.

ISIS cannot attack the United States. Sure, individual members of ISIS might be able to get into the country, though that would be difficult, and commit a terrorist attack, but then that’s not especially difficult for Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group and they haven’t managed it. As for an actual military attack, the odds of ISIS, which has no actual country, air force or navy, attacking us are exactly 0%. Sheesh, the NAZIS couldn’t attack the US and you’re worried that ISIS can?

Get a grip, Americans.


SJHoneywell said...

Fear plays, man. If you can frighten the populace, you can control the populace. Fearmongering works--people who are scared are willing to give things up to stay safe.

Ipecac said...

That is America all right.

We have the most powerful military in history, the highest level of defensive technology, hundreds of nuclear missiles, an isolated border, and no existential threats, but we are afraid of everything.

Because fear is control.