Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Empathy not really their strongest suit


Remember a couple of weeks ago when the Republicans running for Congress were all "EBOLA IS GOING TO KILL US!!" and "WE NEED TO SEAL THE BORDER SO EBOLA DOESN'T KILL US IN OUR SLEEP!!"

Ahhhhh, good times.

But now, thanks to the government (and no thanks to the panicky media and Republicans), the disease has been successfully contained in the United States and NO ONE has it. Great!

Of course, thousands of people are still infected in Africa and they desperately need our help. Plus, if the disease is not contained in Africa, it could return to our shores. So spending resources to end it there is not only in our own selfish best-interest, but it's also the moral, right thing to do for our fellow human beings. Since they were so worried  couple of weeks ago, I imagine Congressional Republicans are looking to step up and spend some money for this incredibly important cause.

What? They're not? They're not talking about it any more? They're probably going to oppose President Obama's request to fund relief efforts? They've already turned to the next "scandalous outrage," the President's unprecedented deal with China on climate change?

Gee, what a shock.

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