Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The answer is no.

In a great article in Vanity Fair, Kurt Eichenwald asks, "Are conservatives ever right?"
The question isn’t meant to suggest that liberals are never wrong. But reviewing the last few decades of conservative policy initiatives—or their objections over that timespan to policies they hate—shows a consistent pattern of failure: predictions never pan out, and intended results turn to catastrophic flops.
This was one of the reasons I left the Republican party. Not only were they constantly and consistently wrong, but they made things worse by never, ever, admitting that they were wrong. I've heard President Obama say that he's made mistakes and take responsibility. George W. Bush never did either thing.

From "Tax cuts pay for themselves", to deregulating the thrift industry, to Iraq, to Obamacare, over the past thirty years, conservatives have been demonstrably, empirically, disastrously wrong.

And American voters just gave them control of both houses of Congress.

Read the whole thing here:  30 Years of Conservative Nonsense, An Explainer

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