Friday, January 02, 2015

The Season of Nog

I love eggnog and have since I was a child. Of course, I can only drink it during the Christmas season (good thing) which makes me appreciate its delicious bubble-gum flavored creaminess even more. I have about a pint left in the refrigerator, so I'm about to enter the long nog-drought until next Christmas.

This season, I noticed something. Whenever I have eggnog and talk with someone while I'm having the eggnog, the conversation is inevitably, without exception, about liking or not liking eggnog. I'm the only one in my family who likes it, so when I bring out a glass I'm usually met with "Eggnog sucks!" or "Eggnog is the worst drink ever." When someone offers eggnog at a Christmas party, there's always an extended conversation about who likes or doesn't like it. It's an interesting topic, for sure, but eggnog is never drunk without a heaping helping of self-awareness.

So, to lay out my position for all future nog conversations: if you don't like it, (1) sucks to be you, and (2) more for me.


SJHoneywell said...

You're welcome to my share. For me, it's not a taste thing (love it), it's a texture thing (can't deal with it).

ahtitan said...

I also love egg nog, though your comparison to bubble gum leaves me confused. I used to mow the lawn for a lady who referred to it as "bologna juice," as that's how she imagined the juice of the bologna would taste. Patty only occasionally has some, and even then she has half milk/half nog. More for me is also my mantra!

Ipecac said...

To me, the smell has that classic "bubble gum" smell.

The texture really depends on the brand. The Turkey Hill brand is very creamy, which I like. I had some the other day which was too thin for my tastes.