Wednesday, February 18, 2015

These are the stakes

A total of 11.4 million Americans enrolled for coverage through an ACA marketplace, well ahead of the 10.3 million enrollees the Obama administration projected before this year’s open-enrollment process began. This total, though impressive, does not include the millions of additional Americans who are now covered through Medicaid expansion or young adults who have insurance through their family’s plan thanks to the law’s consumer protections 
Charles Gaba puts the total, including all the young people who've been able to stay on their parents plans, the people who are in expanded Medicaid and the regular enrollees at 32 million.  Link
Remember, Republicans want to take this away from Americans. They'd do it today, if they could. They'd do it without any reservation or hesitation. They'd take away affordable healthcare from families, students, the employed and unemployed, and children. They'd throw millions of people back into uncertainty, ill-health, the lingering possibility of bankruptcy, and in some cases, death. They'd also increase the deficit, skyrocket healthcare costs and hurt the economy.

If you make the mistake of reading the comments following any stories about the upcoming Supreme Court case that threatens to destroy Obamacare, you'll see that conservatives are cackling with glee over the thought of taking away healthcare from millions of people, just to damage Obama's legacy. They literally don't care that people will die from this.

These people are revolting, uncaring, ignorant, disgusting and evil. 

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