Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ipecac Eats Burgers #20 - Culver's

This entry is a little bit dated.

When we were in Indiana for Christmas, we went to one of my favorite fast food hamburger places, the midwestern chain, Culver's. The restaurant is within a mile of my Mom's house so if we want fast food, we often go there.

Easily one of the cutest burgers I've had.

The Culver's Butter Burger is a great size (not too huge), with a juicy patty and an excellent buttered, very lightly toasted bun. Mmm. My Mom doesn't like their burgers, but I think they're great.

Their burgers aren't the best thing on the menu, though. They make their own Culver's Signature Root Beer, which they have on tap. It's creamy and really, really good and I drink a lot of it.

Unfortunately, the nearest Culver's to here is in Ohio. Or maybe that's a good thing.


ahtitan said...

Everyone's taste is different, so I usually don't comment, but I'm with your Mom. I do not like Culver's. They are expensive for what you get, the burgers are always disappointing, and they serve crinkle-cut fries, which I can get frozen at the supermarket. The frozen custard IS good, and I love the curds. But the burgers...not so much. Patty and Ally love them. I decided to give them another chance a while back, and they put no condiments at all on my burger. Just meat, cheese, and bun. And yes, I told them what I wanted. The burgers remind me of the ones at Alley Oops, if you remember that place. Not a fan.

Ipecac said...

That's really interesting. Why would they put nothing on it?!? Sounds like your Culver's is badly run.

I do remember Ally Oops and I remember liking their burgers as well! Guess we have different tastes in burgers.

Make sure you try Flippin Cow next time you're in Elkhart. I'd like to hear your take.