Thursday, April 02, 2015

Not all Republicans are cray-cray

When I was young, I was a conservative Republican because that's what I learned from my family and from where I grew up. As I became more educated and better understood the world, I became a moderate Republican and then abandoned Republicanism altogether when it went completely off the rails about twelve years ago. Once out of the Conservative bubble, it was easy to throw off the decades of misinformation and contempt fed to me by Republican politicians and pundits and see that not only did Republicans themselves become bonkers, but their policies have been bonkers for decades. I didn't lose anything by casting aside wrong ideas that have never worked.

Carol's brother is the Mayor of Carmel, Indiana. He's a Republican because he's always been, but he's a realistic moderate and didn't swing to the Right with the rest of his party. He's even been working on various projects with the Obama Administration. He's a very successful Mayor and one of the only Republicans in government I respect.

Today he posted a short but awesome response to the Indiana Religious Freedom (to discriminate) law, and it is great. I'm very proud of him.

You can read it here:  Carmel Mayor

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