Monday, July 27, 2015

Cosmos Redux: Report

On Saturday, Ben and I finished watching Cosmos; me for the second time, him for the first. I offered to pay him $100 if he watched the whole mini-series and over a couple of weeks we watched all 13 episodes.

To my surprise, he seemed to enjoy parts of it, and spoke up when he knew something that was being presented. For example, he has a pretty good grasp of evolution and biology. He seemed mostly bored with the episodes about non-planetary astronomy. The episode, The Seven Sisters, was the only one he didn't make it all the way through without dozing off.

I don't know if he'll retain any of it, but I was happy to expose him to the idea of scientists throughout history, theorizing, experimenting, and very slowly adding to our knowledge. I found the series very inspirational and I hope he did too. And I enjoyed just being with him, watching it.

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