Thursday, September 03, 2015

The face of hatred

Look closely.

This woman is NOT a hero.

She is NOT a selfless martyr going to jail to honor her faith.

She is NOT being persecuted for being a Christian.

She is NOT taking a moral stand against injustice.

She does NOT speak for any god.

She is a bigot.

She is a public employee, paid by taxpayer dollars, who is refusing to serve the very people who pay her salary.

She is violating the Constitution of the United States and the civil authority of the courts.

She is a grifter, who is looking towards a bright financial future of being crowd-sourced by other religious bigots. (Just ask the pizza parlor owners who made nearly a million dollars for refusing to serve gays.)

She is an agent of injustice, the face of hatred, ignorance personified.

I have no doubt that she believes she is a holy saint for defying a law she personally doesn't agree with and if she wasn't a county clerk, there wouldn't be an issue.

I have no doubt that conservatives will continue to rally behind her because she is in jail for hurting gays in her community. They like that kind of thing.

Isn't it funny how the "law and order" party so often support those who break the law like this woman and Cliven Bundy?

Kim Davis is in jail, not for her beliefs, but because hurting gays is more important to her than being a kind human being.

Because that's what fanatical religious belief does to you.

Kim Davis deserves to be in jail right now. I have no hope she'll learn from the experience and become a better person.

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SJHoneywell said...

Amen (said with no irony).