Thursday, April 21, 2016

Autopsy, I mean biopsy, results!

I received an email from my colonoscopy doctor with the results of the biopsy on the two polyps they removed. Here's what he said.
Your biopsies showed that you had 2 different types of polyps. One was a tubular adenoma. ​ ​An adenoma is a benign polyp, but has potential to become cancerous over time. ​ ​Fortunately, your polyp was found and removed at an early stage. ​ ​Because you could form more of those type of polyps in the future, another routine colonoscopy is recommended in 5 years.
​ ​
The other polyp was completely benign type (call hyperplastic polyp). That type never grows into colon cancer, and can therefore be essentially ignored.
​So I have to get another colonoscopy in five years rather than ten. Not the end of the world, but I was really hoping for ten.

The results really show the value of getting this procedure. If I hadn't gotten it done, I'd have a potentially cancerous polyp in my colon today.

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