Thursday, August 04, 2016

His penis size on the other hand . . .

Look, I don't want to keep blogging about Trump. He's a moron and makes me feel like I'm punching down. So let's make fun of Ben Carson instead.

In an attempt to explain why no one knows of any good deeds that Trump has actually done, Carson actually said this WITHOUT then imploding into a quantum singularity:
"I'm–then hopeful that he will begin to put–to put out many of the stories that I am very familiar with, of things that he has done to help people who have been in very, very difficult situations. You know, he–he feels that, you know, that's self-praising, he doesn't want to do it."  Link


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SJHoneywell said...

Which begs the question--is Carson really that stupid or does he just assume that the average Trump voter is really that stupid?