Sunday, August 07, 2016

Fun with Charts - August 2016

Here are some informative charts to pass the time.

First up, a look at national unemployment since President Obama took office.

Yes, Republicans, Obama has definitely been a failed President. Absolutely failed. (Psst. Maybe you should stop talking about the economy. You clearly are lying or have no idea what's going on.)

Oh, what the heck. Just for fun, let's also look at the stock market during the Obama Administration.

Next up, below is the average of public opinion polls between Trump and Clinton over the past 14 months. Note Clinton's huge bump over the past week or so, compared to Trump's nosedive.  Also note that Hillary has NEVER been behind Trump.

And finally, let's take a look at how Politifact, an independent fact-checking organization, has rated the truthfulness of the Presidential candidate's statements (along with other prominent politicians).

In short, Trump is untruthful very often and his lies are really outrageous (Pants on Fire). Clinton says things that aren't true not nearly so much and the severity is much less. And yet Republicans think Clinton is the biggest liar in history. Uh-huh.

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