Sunday, August 07, 2016

A different perspective on Ghostbusters

I saw the new Ghostbusters a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. For some people, the movie was not just a fun night at the movies, but a life-changing, affirming experience.

Some spoilers below.
There is a moment, in the film’s climactic fight scene, when each of the Ghostbusters have exhausted their weapons and had a turn at battling the ever encroaching hoard of ghosts. One of the Ghostbusters, played by Kate McKinnon, remembers her last resort. She whips two hidden guns out of her proton pack, licks the barrel, and, with the Ghostbusters theme song wailing, absolutely DESTROYS every evil thing on screen, in one of the most amazing 30 seconds… 60 seconds? Eternity? Longest moments of my life.
She isn’t a princess. She isn’t a prop. She isn’t a love interest. She is the main character, in a movie with no other “greater” male main characters. She’s being a bad ass action hero, saving the day not for the happy ending kiss, but for herself and her friends and the world. But most importantly… and this is so, so very, very incredibly important: You can’t see her boobs while she does it.

Go read the whole thing here.  Why? Should I go see it?

Erin Ramsey has written a wonderful article about her reaction to Ghostbusters and how girls need to see their dreams and life reflected in our culture, not as sex objects, or prizes for men, or helpless princesses, but as real people, and, yes, even as heroes.

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