Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Computers suck


My computer died over the weekend.

A few weeks ago I suddenly stopped getting video through the HDMI connection. I switched it over to the DVI port and that seemed to work fine, so I assumed the culprit was a dead HDMI port. But this weekend, no video output at all, no matter the port. Some testing (and the continuous beeping when I boot it up) suggests it's the motherboard.

I'm in the market for a new PC into which I will transfer both existing hard drives and my other equipment. And then hope I can get back to some video editing I'm doing for work. Oy.


Eric Haas said...

I had to replace mine about a month and a half ago. I still don't have all my software reinstalled.

Ipecac said...

I pulled both hard drives and will install them directly into my new computer. I made sure to get one with enough room to install multiple drives.