Monday, October 24, 2016

A Call to Christians

If you are a Christian and are voting for Trump, you should take another look at your candidate.

Here's what we KNOW:

  Trump is a serial adulterer
  Trump is three-times divorced
  Trump has expressed racist attitudes towards blacks, Mexicans, and other ethnicities
  Trump has cheated people who worked for him out of their paychecks
  Trump has scammed thousands of people out of their paychecks.
  Trump is very likely guilty of sexual assault.
  Trump has encouraged violence and assassination.
  Trump says he's a Christian but doesn't seem to know very much about Christianity.

Now why would any Christian vote for such a person?

There are basically three reasons that I can think of.

 - Hatred of Hillary Clinton.  Despite her decades of public service, working for the public good, conservatives, including Christians, have been indoctrinated to hate her. Hillary is a committed Christian and has always pushed for the welfare of women and children. There's no real reason behind the hatred, just politics.

 - Abortion.  This is, in my view, the biggest reason Christians are voting for Trump. Hillary will clearly fight for abortion rights, while Trump will likely appoint conservative justices who would try to overturn Roe v. Wade. Christians seem to be willing to stomach Trump's obvious antipathy towards their values in order to stop abortion. While I completely understand that, you have to look at the bigger picture. It's likely Trump will tank the economy, including the world economy, putting millions out of work and wrecking lives. There's also a good chance he'll start bombing Syria and the possibility he'll nuke Syria or Iran, killing millions of innocent people. Finally, it's also likely he'll stiff our allies, or at least shake confidence in the U.S., destabilizing large parts of the world.

It is immoral to support Trump to destroy abortion rights while ignoring the very real misery and death he'll likely inflict on the world.

 - Captured by Republicans.  And finally, there is the reality that many Christians are now Republicans first, and Christians second. The Republican party fought to take over Christianity for decades and has largely succeeded. Many Christians will vote for Trump because he's a Republican, and that Trumps all other considerations.

If you are a Christian and voting for Trump, you should take a real hard look at what you believe. You should think about whether or not he represents your values. You should consider that the lives he will ruin are worth protecting.

The fact is, Hillary is going to win the election in a big way. But if you vote for Trump and you call yourself a Christian, you can never make a candidate's character an issue again. You have given up all pretense of being a "values" voter, forever.

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