Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Cabinet of Deplorables (pretty sure I'm not the first to think of that)

In case you haven't been paying attention (I really envy you), here's a quick rundown on President-Elect ::barf:: Trump's choices for Cabinet and some major Agencies. Note that some of these require confirmation by the Senate, which won't come until next year.

For Commerce Secretary, he picked a guy Fortune Magazine called the King of Bankruptcy.

For National Security Adviser, he picked an Islamaphobe who traffics in ridiculous conspiracy theories, one of which recently endangered a restaurant full of people in DC.

To head the Treasury, he picked a guy who worked for Goldman Sachs for decades and founded One West Bank which made billions off foreclosing on American homes during the Great Recession.

His nominee for Attorney General is a guy who opposes immigration, LGBT rights, voting rights, and went after journalists while a Senator.

Just today he nominated a guy for Secretary of Labor who is against raising the minimum wage and overtime pay and whose company has been fined millions for waged theft.

Of course, his Chief Strategist in the White House is a white supremacist.

His choice for Secretary of Education never attended public school, her children didn't attend public school, and, oh, yeah, she hates public schools. Oh and she's a religious fanatic who wants to teach Christianity in schools.

Trump's choice for the Environmental Protection Agency may be the worst of all, because he's a climate denier in the pocket of the oil and gas companies and wants to gut the EPA.

And for Housing and Urban Development, he nominated a brain surgeon who turned down a post at Health and Human Services because he wasn't qualified, couldn't stay awake during nationally televised debates, and has no experience other than growing up in a housing project and being "urban" in Republican eyes.

Several newspapers said that this will be the least qualified Cabinet in history.  These are the people who will formulate American policy because Trump will likely be too lazy and uncaring to engage.

Yeah, we're boned.

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