Tuesday, July 25, 2017

True colors always shine through

Once upon a time, John McCain was called a "Maverick"; a Republican Senator who was willing to buck his party to DO THE RIGHT THING. He rarely lived up to that nickname, but he did now and then. In his finest moment, during the 2008 Presidential election against Barack Obama, he stood up to a woman in the audience at one of his rallies. Watch:

The election loss apparently broke John McCain because he was never the same since. He lost his objectivity, his sense of right and fairness. Once in a while he would say something that sounded statesmanlike, but over the past 9 years those instances became more or more rare. And, of course, he's the man who unleashed Sarah Palin on the world.

Today, John McCain had a chance to regain his status as a statesman. As a Maverick.

The Senate voted this afternoon to move their Obamacare repeal legislation forward. With two dissenting Republicans, they needed every single other Republican to vote for the measure so that Vice President Pence could break the tie. But McCain was in Arizona due to recent surgery because of brain cancer.

Without revealing how he would vote, John McCain flew back to Washington. There, he had a choice. By voting No, he could end, hopefully for good, the Republican drive to destroy Obamacare and he could SAVE THE HEALTHCARE OF TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Or, he could vote Yes and by his vote DEPRIVE TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OF THEIR HEALTHCARE.

Keep in mind that McCain is currently being treated for a
often fatal
incredibly expensive
form of brain cancer

McCain voted No. Obamacare repeal lives on.


You didn't even have to vote. If you had just stayed in Arizona you could have plead illness and not even gone on the record opposing your party. But you flew all the way across the country to screw over people and families. All for a tax cut for rich people.

You will forever be known as a cranky old hypocrite who foisted Caribou Barbie on us and laid the cornerstone for killing thousands of other Americans by DEPRIVING THEM OF THEIR HEALTHCARE. In the end, you were as craven, immoral and uncaring as the rest of the Republicans in Congress.

You had once last chance and you blew it. You are no Maverick.

You are a monster.

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