Sunday, July 23, 2017

Another rat flees the sinking ship

So long, former White House Spokesman Sean Spicer, you half-witted, colluding, liar. This is yet another time when I kind of wish I believed in Hell, because there would be a place reserved for Sean Spicer.

I agree with this 100%:
The White House attracts all manner of toadies, suckups and flatterers seeking the president's favor, but never did any staffer demean, degrade and humble himself to the chief executive the way outgoing press secretary Sean Spicer did. [...]
[W]e find no Trump transgression so foul that Spicer would not grovel before it. When Trump praised North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and invited thuggish Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to the White House, Spicer dispensed sympathy and understanding upon the despots. No Trump mistake was too mundane for him to correct: He insisted that the word “covfefe,” which appeared in a late-night Trump tweet, wasn’t a typo. When Trump alluded to secret Trump-Comey audio recordings, Spicer dodged all questions about their existence. After the president claimed Obama had tapped his phones at Trump Tower, Spicer created a diplomatic incident by falsely accusing British intelligence of doing the snooping.
 -- Jack Shafer
Go ahead and read the whole article.

The only reason Spicer will be remembered, besides being a liar for the most lyingest President ever who's probably going to end up in jail or kill us all, is because of this:

I love it about 20 seconds in when the audience figures out who's playing Spicer. Sadly, as funny as this sketch is, I would rather it not have been necessary.

I hope the only time I ever hear Sean Spicer's name again is when he's arraigned.

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