Saturday, August 12, 2017

Where I stand

Every time America gets involved in a foreign conflict, there's a call to "Rally 'round the flag" and support the President. This happens in every foreign involvement, most recently in our invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Those that don't "rally" are called traitors.

I will state this plainly right now.

If we attack North Korea, whether or not they attack us or our allies, I will NOT stand behind President Trump. Trump has handled this developing crisis like a bully, without any sense, understanding or maturity. He is pushing a crazy, unstable dictator into a pissing contest with nuclear weapons.

Whatever happens, it's President Trump's fault.

(In case you missed it, yesterday Trump suggested we might intervene militarily in Venezuela. What moron would think that would be something we might do? Oh yeah, the moron we idiotically put in charge of our armies.)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to calm the fears caused by Trump's reckless Tweets and statements this week by saying that Americans can sleep well, suggesting that we're not really in any danger.

Hey, Tillerson. I'm not concerned with my own safety at the moment. I'm concerned with the millions of people who live within range of North Korean missiles. Those in South Korea, Japan, Guam and even Hawaii. If North Korea strikes, those are the lives on the line. Those are the lives President Trump is endangering with his rank stupidity.

I will not stand behind President Trump in this or any war of his own making.

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Tony said...

You have to stand behind the president if he's a Republican or you are a traitor.

If he's a Democrat, it's not an issue. Just look at the last eight years.