Sunday, March 28, 2010

Need hits? Throw in some bikini pics.

I mostly get my news over the Internet.  I frequent a variety of news sites including,, the and

What!?! you say?  Fox News?  Don’t you often mock them?

Sure, because they’re ridiculously partisan (admittedly so) and really suck at fact-checking.  But they often break news before the other news sites (probably because of the lack of fact-checking) and much of their content is straight AP stuff anyway.

Interestingly, one of the contradictions of the whole FOX thing is how they’re so politically and socially conservative but the FOX channel is perhaps the raunchiest and edgy of the four national networks. seems to have that same cognitive dissonance.  Below the main news stories is a section called “Features & Faces” which features 10 stories of general interest.  If you look at this section on any given day, anywhere from 4-6 of the stories will involve sex or women in revealing clothing. 

Recently, while the Olympics were on, FOX really had to reach to show their weekly quotient of skin.  Read the entry on the lower left.  (click to embiggen).

So the Olympic tie-in here is to start with potential medal-winning countries.  Okay, makes sense.  Then the article shows hot people from those countries.  Not Olympians, not athletes, just people who are hot who happen to be nationals of that country.

Yeah, pretty desperate there FOX.

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