Saturday, September 24, 2022

September 2022


This has been a crazy month. 

We've been back and forth to Indiana twice, once to bring my Mom out here to visit, then a return two weeks later to take her back, and to move Carol's mom from her home of 68 years to an independent living place in a different city. I've also had a bunch of doctors appointments, got a new crown in my mouth, and just a bunch of stuff. It's been exhausting.

And tomorrow morning, we're flying to Disney World. Nine months in the planning, it's our first visit in four years and we're going with both kids and their husband & girlfriend, so we're really excited. Oh, and there's a major hurricane coming that looks to drench our vacation next week. 

So, we're crossing our fingers and hoping they don't have to close the parks.

Wish us luck. I'll be posting again in October.

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